Jocyr Sanchez de Almeida


Mechanical Industrial Engineer

Loss Adjuster - Surveyor
First lieutenant in the Brazilian Navy corps of engineers

He has over 25 years of experience as an loss adjuster. Between 1995 and 2009 he worked as a specialized surveyor for several insurance companies at the Port of Santos, inspecting ships, cargoes and terminals. During this period he was the main insurance surveyor of the largest container terminal in Brazil and representing other ship surveyor companies.

Between January 2009 and January 2017, he worked in the Brazilian Navy as a naval engineering officer, staying as long as possible and reaching the highest position until that year. While in the Brazilian Navy, he participated in various types of ship projects and was manager of mechanical structure subprojects in the hydrodynamics laboratory.

Between January 2017 and November 2019, he worked as a loss adjuster.

In November 2019, he joined the office of Abaco Loss Adjusters Portugal as a expert surveyor in vessel, industry, engineering and service department.

He holds the titles of First Lieutenant in the 2nd class reserve of the Brazilian Navy Engineers' Corps, Loss adjusters, regulation and settlement of claims and multi-risks (granted by Funenseg), Marine Insurance, port security supervisor, (granted by Senasp) diesel engines. (granted by Maxion/Fei)