Xaviera Paz Ruíz Delfino

Loss Adjuster

Aquaculture Engineer Andrés Bello University, 2005

Theoretical/Practical Course in the Commercial Production of Tilapia, Guayaquil, Ecuador. 2006.

Various professional roles in the Shrimp and Salmon fishing industries, including the production and cultivation of Equatorian Shrimp larva and fry, and pre-smolt and smolt of Atlantic Salmon in fish-farms with innovative water-recirculation systems.

Xaviera began her professional career in the salmon fishing sector as an assistant at fattening centres for Atlantic Salmon and Rainbow Trout, where she was responsible for feed handling, and controlled the health, condition and growth of the fish, in addition to tasks such as seeding, transfer and harvesting of the fish. .

For the last 8 years, Xaviera has been employed as a Property Loss Adjuster, focussing primarily on policy coverage analysis and quantification. She currently works in the Property Department of Abaco Chile.

At the marine salmon farms, Xaviera was involved in the administration of human and production resources associated with the production of salmon in the fattening phase, with the aim of ensuring that the required volumes of biomass were produced. She was also responsible for controlling costs to meet budget throughout the process, whilst maintaining the required standards of feeding, hygiene, safety and health of the fish and the environment.

Manager for the prevention and treatment of disease in the fish, with support from veterinarians, in compliance with local aquaculture regulations. Monitoring of the weight/size of the fish with a view to analysing and evaluating growth rates and developing improved feeding strategies.

Control and supervision of the optimum infrastructure layout and design at the fish farm, both in the case of the pontoon and the cultivation modules, in order to maintain the desired safety standards.

Xaviera’s first role in the insurance industry was as a field claims inspector, prior to becoming a property loss adjuster. As Manager of the Property Department, she leads a team of 6 people and is responsible for the control and supervision of the adjustment process, including developing strategies to expedite and improve customer service for both insureds and insurers, and coordinating and implementing plans for responding to catastrophic losses, etc.