Jorge Eliecer Caicedo Guerrero

Senior Loss Adjuster

BEng. Civil

Jorge has 5 years’ experience as a Loss Adjuster in General Insurance.

From 2001 to 2004 he worked as a freelance draughtsman.

In February 2008, he commenced work as a Technical Projects Supervisor with Torres & Torres Engineering and in March 2009 he joined Ingemak Ltd as a Project Director and Resident Engineer for the towns of Cravo Norte and Puerto Rondón.

In April 2013, he commenced his work in the Insurance sector with Charles Taylor Adjusting, where he trained as a Loss Adjuster specialising in dealing with Construction, Liability, Co-ownership, Compliance and Home Insurance policies, inter alia.

In January 2017, he began working on freelance projects in the city of Medellín with RM Adjusters and FP Adjusters, and in May 2018 he joined Abaco International Loss Adjusters (Colombia), continuing his work in and around Medellín.