Fábio Gradoff Cortonesi

Director Brasil Property & Casualty

Bachelor’s Degree in Law

Loss Adjuster & Surveyor
Liability Specialist

Fábio Gradoff Cortonesi, Loss Adjuster Executive has more than 18 years of experience in the segment of adjustment, loss survey, analysis of causes of major occurrences and contractual insurance interpretation of various segments. He holds a Bachelor of Law degree from the United Metropolitan Colleges of São Paulo in 2003, a degree that allowed him to direct his career to the area of Civil Liability.

He began his insurance business at the local adjustments company D. Morandini. During a year of work, he was able to learn about the process of loss adjustment and conducting various surveys throughout Brazil.

In December 2004, Fabio joined as a loss adjuster in the mass industry at Crawford & Company. After working in the sector for a few years, he was promoted to the Property sector, where he had the opportunity to create experience in cases involving large local companies. With the change of structure of the company, due to its performance, it was transferred to the GTS (Global Technical Services) International sector, with emphasis on actions in significant cases in Property and Liability.

After nearly nine years at Crawford in 2014, he received an invitation to serve as Senior Loss Adjuster with a specialty in Civil Liability at Cunningham Lindsey (now Sedgwick). Was responsible for adjusting the vast majority of cases of civil liability of the company.

In 2018, he was hired as a complex claims consultant for Insured Sura's Global Accounts. He was responsible for claims adjustments and direct contacts with RSA offices, which have a contract with Sura around the world, having stood out for the strong adjustment of pending issues, minimizing both damages and technical reserve losses.